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Electric plug repair

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Our team wants you to enjoy the best and most reliable electricity possible in your home or business. Check out these helpful tips, and remember to call us if you have any issues!

The first and most important safety tip: never attempt to do electrical work yourself! Always call our licensed, bonded, and insured team to handle it for you. We'll give you fast, reliable, and safe work.

Remember to follow these safety tips!

  • Don't overload your outlets! Keep an eye on what you're plugging in, especially during the holidays.

  • Install at least 1 smoke alarm per floor, and have 1 outside of every bedroom.

  • Be sure that your appliance is turned off before you plug it in.

  • Remember to child-proof your space with outlet covers and other safety products.

  • Know what caused a circuit to turn off before you attempt to turn it back on. If it flipped because of a damaged wire or short, turning it back on could start a fire.

  • Keep electrical appliances away from wet areas. Keep an eye on the devices in your kitchen and bathrooms!

  • For more good advice, call us today.

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